Routing Bluetooth – Cassia Networks

I read this post on the the Bluetooth SIG’s Imagine Blue award winners and was really taken by the Cassia Networks’ Bluetooth routing system.

What I find amazing about the Cassia technology is how the Bluetooth routing system can pair up to eight Bluetooth low-energy devices simultaneously. This technology can be mounted on a wall or ceiling or in an office environment. Some models can be used both indoor and outdoor pairing up as high as 22 devices. This technology can be used in hospitals enabling patient monitoring as well as fitness sports and education applications providing performance feedback solutions.

What I am also impressed with is that Cassia works closely with senior living facilities and senior health solution providers to enhance integrated safety and health solutions for both assisted living facilities in-home users.

Bluetooth has lots of room to grow and the Imagine Blue competition is a great way to spark innovation.

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  1. There could be lots of interesting uses for this technology. The Imagine Blue competition was a great idea.

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