Facial Bio-metrics Entering the Mainstream

Facial recognition software is becoming more accurate and also beginning to enter more widespread use.

Read this blog about how facial recogniton software will be used for security on the newly announced Samsung-S8 phone:  http://blog.earthtron.com/samsung-s8-will-recognize-your-face-in-0.1-seconds

W are currently investigating facial recognition in the business environment. We are currently investigating the many great amenities offered to business owners which include carefully tracking employees and visitors for security purposes as well as time attendance. At the present moment we are investigating the benefits of facial recognition which includes better security automated facial system and no more time fraud. It is my understanding today that facial biometrics technology has a high success rate especially with the emergence of three dimensional face recognition technology which is extremely difficult to full mini computer systems.

I invite you to click on the link below which better explain spatial by metrics as an excellent time attendance and tracking option: http://www.biometric-security-devices.com/facial-biometrics.html